A casino visit on the roadtrip

Travelling is often for recreation. At the same time, there is a lot to discover when travelling. These two goals can be easily combined and achieved with a casino visit while travelling. For example, the traveler will find cultivated and social evening entertainment and sometimes completely new challenges, such as playing blackjack for the first time or trying out a new slot. But what possibilities do travellers actually have to experience gambling for themselves in a profitable way?

Classic casino or virtual visit
Casinos can be divided into two categories since the establishment of the Internet. There are the classic land-based casinos, which are often subject to close state control and generally offer an upscale casino experience. On the other hand, online casinos have also been available to players for about two decades, which can be used almost anywhere at any time. In order to find a suitable and reputable institution, special casino guides online are a helpful support.

These possibilities can of course also be wonderfully combined with travel. In the case of the classic casino, the traveler can then visit a local gambling establishment and thus not only come into contact with, for example, roulette and unknown jackpots, but also with the respective culture and people. An online casino in turn allows the player to easily access the desired games or place sports bets with a laptop or smartphone while on the move. The own gaming behaviour does not have to be changed while travelling and idle times, for example while waiting for a flight, can be bridged by an online casino.

Recommendations for gamblers when travelling

In principle, it can be said that city trips in particular can be ideally combined with a visit to the casino. At this point we will explicitly discuss land-based casinos, as virtual offshoots may be entertaining, but do not offer any real added value within the framework of the trip.

Thus, during the day the unknown city can be explored, after which the evening is spent in a casino. This is interesting because many casinos also house a bar or even a restaurant. Gamblers, however, do not have to rely on making the right choice themselves during a short trip. Instead, there are now numerous providers who specifically arrange casino trips in German-speaking countries and worldwide. These are then coordinated travel experiences, which include the hotel stay, the airport transfer, a starting credit in the casino and also other attractions or admissions. These offers are often characterized by their claim to offer a superior overall experienceSwitzerland is also very good for parents to relax in casino, here you will find a good partner: online casino Switzerland.

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Because of your support of our fundraisers such as the World’s Largest Fish Fry

Annual Chicken BBQ in Hamlin Park, and our Annual Holiday Nut Sale, Kiwanis has been able to impact our community.

Here’s a small sample of what we have accomplished together:

  • Instrumental in starting the Boys & Girls Club and have supported them annually since, thus having the Gym named for us.
  • Instrumental in spearheading and providing seed money for the Community Pool
  • Built the shelter in Hamlin Park
  • Built the HOP playground in Hamlin Park
  • Supported the Senior Center, thus having the Dining room named for us.
  • Provided funds for the Millard Fillmore House and RoycroftMuseum
  • Honor over 150 seniors annually at our Christmas luncheon.
  • Host the annual Easter Egg Hunt
  • Helped fund the KiwanisPediatricTraumaCenter at Children’s Hospital.

Because of your support, we donate to these worthwhile East Aurora groups, and more:

  • The Boys and Girls Club of East Aurora
  • Fireworks celebration in HamlinPark
  • FISH of East Aurora
  • 2 EAHS scholarships
  • EA Police Dept., DARE, EA Fire Dept., Aktion Club, Key Club, Aurora Adult Day Care, Kamp Kiwanis and more.
  • Lothlorien, EAST Swim Team, Backpack Program

East Aurora would not look the same without Kiwanis – Thank you for your support!

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2015 Fish Fry Success

A GREAT ENDING!  Chuck Snyder reports that Harvey & Mary Shymanski volunteered to drive about 100 leftover fishfry’s down to the City Mission.   Harvey said our membership should be aware of how grateful they were:

As he and Mary pulled up to ask where to drop off the dinners, the man they approached sheepishly asked if he could have one.  Then another man outside heard and asked if he could have one too.  Harvey said they hesitated as if they may be told “no”.   Mary responded with “you can have 2”.   When they gave the rest over the people were VERY grateful and thanked them.  So on top of all the good we did selling almost 1400 dinners, others were blessed too.

As Paul Harvey used to say….”and now you know The Rest of the Story”.

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